Dietetic Office

Our Place

Our office is located in Corfu Town, at Georgakis square
It is created with special care in order to be a friendly and comfortable environment.



Our area is equipped with modern equipment, aimed to accurately assess the person’s nutritional needs and requirements and to increase its motivation in order to achieve its goal.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that nutrition is an integral part of our lives. It should be pleasure and not something that causes us stress and fatigue.
  • We plan together the diet programme that suits you the most and redesign it every time you feel tired or your needs and preferences have changed.
  • The basic criterion in this process is to adapt the programme to your needs and not the person in the programme. We try to achieve together the best possible result with our knowledge, that is always based on the latest scientific developments and in our experience.


The tools that are used, always on request with the client and where it’s necessary are:

  • Complete analysis of the diet and medical history.
  • Food Diary.
  • Measuring waist/hip.
  • Weight and height measurement.
  • Fat measurement for body analysis.
  • Basal metabolic rate measurement – with a modern equipment.
  • Measurement of burning calories in your daily activity with a specialized equipment.
  • Ultrasound for checking the levels of subcutaneous fat, the extra fat and the muscle mass.