The Nutritionist – Dietitian

Nutritionist – Dietitian, Angeliki Garneli, was born in 1979 in Athens and grew up in Corfu Island. In 2001 she received a Bachelor’s Degree (BSc Honors) in nutritian from Surrey University in Great Britain and in 2003 she also received a post-graduate title from the University of Bristol in Great Britain, entitled “Nutrition, Physical Activity and Public Health”.
She is experienced in hospitals of both Greece and the Great Britain and since 2003 she exercises the profession of Nutritionist – Dietitian where she maintains an office in Corfu till today. She is a active member of the Hellenic Dietetic Association as well as of many other scientific organizations.


She continuously invests in developing her knowledge and technology with a prime purpose of succeeding the best results with the client.


You can meet her in her office, in Corfu Town, located in Georgakis Square.


6 Reasons to trust us

  • Because your diet always adjusts depending on your specialties and needs.
  • Because there are no forbidden foods and we support food variety and balance in the right quantities.
  • Because our advanced equipment is helping us not only for a precise evaluation regarding your body’s needs, but also in motivating you to achieve the goals we have set together.
  • Because we try to work together on some dysfunctional thoughts and behaviours that discourages you and keep you from achieving your goals.
  • Because we offer a free monthly visit after the procedure of weight maintenance for as long as you feel it is required so that we can establish the new habits you have acquired.
  • Because we respect your skepticism and we do not like to restrict in just the communication we do while on session, but so you can be able to communicate whenever you feel needed in order to be more secure and confident.


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